fifteenth December two thousand thirteen

I seem to live in the same few basic pieces every weekend. These are my current favourites. 

When I wake up on a Saturday morning my first thought is COFFEE, followed by tofu scramble with avocado and hash browns from a cafe near my home in Bondi.
With these thoughts already occupying my brain I can’t deal with agonising over what to wear, so I have a few fail-safe outfits up my sleeve.  
Sipping on a beautiful lacey bralette is the easiest way to start the day feeling amazing. There’s just something about lingerie that instantly lifts your mood and makes you feel special. 

A basic black T-shirt dress is a weekend essential. 
There’s nothing I love more than good quality, well-cut basics (except coffee and tofu scramble!), so I was pretty excited when I found this black v-neck dress which is also made from 100% organic cotton and naturally dyed. 
I was introduced to the new sustainable Australian label Vege Threads through a friend from back home, and I instantly fell in love. They’re committed to producing sustainable and ethical pieces that can be worn everyday and I just love everything about how the brand and site is presented. 
If you’re going to spend money on clothes it’s nice to know they’ve been made with love and your money is going somewhere worthwhile. 
I’ve also got this singlet which has the perfect stripe and boyish boxy shape. 

A structured black handbag is an everyday necessity. 
I just got this black Givenchy Antigona from My Net Sale and I can’t stop staring at it. 
Investment bags are something I struggle with because I always find that they’re either too plain, or have over-the-top hardware, but this one strikes the perfect balance.
My Net Sale source their bags direct from major brands and international distributors so they can sell current season bags here at an amazing price by taking advantage of the opposite seasons.
They stock the likes of Alexander Wang, Celine, Chanel, Prada, Givenchy… basically all of the best! Hallelujah!

Everyone needs a chambray shirt or 10. Wear it with the sleeves rolled up, sling it over your shoulders or tie it around your waist to make a black-on-black ensemble more relaxed and weekend-friendly. 
Have a great week! Wavy hair tutorial coming up next x
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