HOW TO: Tousled hair in under 20 mins

sixteenth December two thousand thirteen

Tousled hair is where it’s at this summer. This step-by-step tutorial will show you how to give your hair a perfectly “undone” curl in no time at all. 
Want to see it done in real life?


Always start with a clean canvas. Shampoo your hair twice, vigorously rubbing the scalp to remove oil from the roots. Apply conditioner to the ends and allow hair to dry.
Extra tip: spritz Redken’s Rootful spray through midlengths and ends to help to add volume and minimise the “slipperiness” of freshly-washed hair. If time’s an issue, wash your hair at night, spray this through the ends before going to bed and tong your hair in the morning!
There are two ways to tong your hair: all one way, or alternating the direction in which you’re wrapping the hair around the tong from section-to-section. The first method will create a more sleek and glamorous result, while the latter is your go-to for undone, beach waves.
Tie all of your hair into a topknot, leaving the bottom section loose. Separate a small section of hair and spray with hairspray.
Using a 1-inch tong, wrap each section around the tong in the same direction after spraying. Continue wrapping each section the same way for this layer.
Once complete, let the next layer of hair down from the topknot and tong each section the opposite way to the bottom layer of hair. Repeat, changing directions for each layer until you’ve done all of your hair, except the fringe.
Extra tips: leave the ends straight for a more modern result. Make sure you’re not trying to curl too much hair at once or it won’t be as effective.


Note how I’m wrapping the hair a different way in the bottom section to the next layer of hair.
Leave the front section of your hair and fringe until last. As a general rule, you should always curl the hair away from the face.


Once complete, run your fingers through your hair to separate the curls and create texture.
Apply a volumising powder to the roots on either side of your part. I like the Shu Uemura one because the brush applicator allows for a more targeted application.
Finally, lightly dust some volumising powder through the ends of your hair and scrunch it through the waves.
Ta da! Tousled hair perfection.
To extend the lifetime of your wavy locks between washes, use a dry shampoo (my absolute favourite is Kérastase’s Powder Bluff).
Hope you found this helpful! Reading the steps in written form makes it sound more complicated than it is. I promise!


Thank you to my favourite people at Oscar Oscar for the beautiful hair and expert tips! x