third December two thousand thirteen

If you’re going to wear colour, you might as well make it exciting. 

So, how do you achieve this? Read on and thou shalt see. 

When it comes to wearing colour, there are predictable ways to wear it (I’m looking at you, colour blocking), and then there are ways to wear it that go against every rule you’ve ever been taught about the colour wheel and its very systematic ruling of composite and complementary colours. 
All of my favourite street style frontrunners (Taylor Tomasi Hill, Miroslava and Elena Perminova) have mastered the art of pairing colours. 
In fact, I’ve been so inspired by unique colour combinations lately that I even started a whole Pinterest board to collect them and look back on when I need some inspiration. 
For example, white or black would probably be the most obvious choices for the colour of this skirt, but grey adds an unexpected twist. It’s also less heavy-looking than black and helps to bring out the splashes of blue at the bottom.
Start by choosing one coloured piece you want to wear (put it on if that helps), then stand in front of the mirror and hold up pieces you wouldn’t typically choose to wear with that piece. You really can’t tell if a combination works until you hold it up together against your skin tone and hair. 
Forget everything you’ve been told (pink can’t be worn with maroon?) and experiment! 
You’ll be surprised how things come together when you think outside the box and just run with it.

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