eighteenth December two thousand thirteen

I’ve compiled a list of some of my favourite cheap(er)-thrills from 2013 for you to treat yourself to this Christmas. Why? Because you’re awesome. 

1. ASOS clutch: obsessed with the print. It also doubles as a laptop case. 
2. Maniamania candle: start loving the rest of your home as much as your wardrobe. 
3. Windsor Smith heels: the perfect (and totally affordable) pair of simple black heels for summer. 
4. Grown Alchemist body cleanser: feels great, smells delicious and looks amazing too. 
5. Karen Walker sunglasses: the ultimate oversized black frames. 
6. Dolce & Gabbana ‘The One’ fragrance: sweet and sensual – perfect for every occasion. 
7. Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation: simply the best. No explanation needed. 
8. NARS bronzer: your new best friend. Best colour I’ve found in a bonzer and it gives extra glow. 
9. Dior Skinflash Primer: non-oily and lays the foundations for luminous skin.
10. Wittner heels: because everyone needs a printed heel. Click here to find out why
11. Morroccanoil glimmer shine spray: who doesn’t want glossy locks all day, every day?
12. Skin & Threads top: grey, 100% cotton and animal print. What more could you ask for?
13. Giorgio Armani Si fragrance: my daytime fragrance of choice. 
14. Giorgio Armani sheer blush: it practically glides over your skin and gives instant fresh face. 
15. Grown Alchemist rose hand cream: the smell. It’s just, incredible. Oh, and it looks pretty. 

16. Vege Threads stripey tank: the perfect stripe and my favourite boyish, boxy shape. 
17. An Organised Life 2014 diary: because being organise is important and stuff. 
18. Grown Alchemist cleanser and exfoliator: my current skincare range. Feels amazing, looks amazing, smells amazing and delivers great results. 
19. Windsor Smith Bondi sandals: sweet, sweet simplicity. 
20. Chronicles of Her x Claire Aristides rings: delicate gold finger candy you can wear everyday. 
21: Chronicles of Her x Claire Aristides crystal ear cuffs: they come in a set of two so you can get one for yourself and give the other one to your bestie! Or keep both for yourself, which is totally acceptable too. 
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