twenty sixth November two thousand thirteen

There’s a certain knack to dressing up to look slightly dressed down…

You know those girls you see wearing a super simple ensemble of black and white, but somehow they’re the best-dressed person in the room? 
Nine times out of ten it’s because they’ve mastered the art of nonchalant dressing. The other time is reserved for those instances where you’re looking at one of those genetically blessed humans who could make a hessian sack look hipster. 
But the numero uno thing I’ve learnt about the art of relaxed dressing is that finding the right balance and proportions is key.

Exhibit A: these relaxed man-style pants by Acne. Pair them with anything too oversized or billowy and you’ll look like you’re literally drowning in your clothes. I’m going to go ahead and say something you’ll rarely hear me say: “show a bit of skin on top”. There, I said it. 

Exhibit B: this absolutely incredible top from Dion Lee Line II. Each to their own, but I’d say the amazing backless detail uses up just about all of your bare skin allowance. 
If easygoing, relaxed dressing is your goal, say no to anything too short or fitted and instead, balance the femininity of the pastel colour and the revealing back with a pair of slouchy trousers for undone outfit perfection. 

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