twenty seventh October two thousand thirteen

Fake it till you make it with 1 little palette and 5 quick steps. 

Fact: Cara Delevingne is killing tweezer sales, because we all want brows like Cara. So, with bold brows (still) in high demand, I thought it was the perfect time to share my personal daily brow regime. All you need is the ModelCo Designer Brow Kit
Brush brows upward and out to create your desired shape. Brushing them up (as opposed to along your brow) helps to create that more natural ‘model brow’ look, rather than perfectly neat, over-groomed and old-fashioned brows.  

Use the clear gel to set your brows into place. I do this before shading them in so I know exactly where more fullness is needed. Again, I use an upwards stroke to direct the hairs up and out. 

Use the small angular brush to shade in the gaps. The little brush in this kit is great because the angular shape makes it easy to create a nice, defined line.  
The palette comes with three different shades, so I sometimes use a combination (because it creates a less obvious result) if I have time. 
Otherwise, I go for the middle brown shade which never looks too obvious. You don’t want your eyebrows to look like they’re painted on your face (unless you’re backstage at Celine). 

Pay special attention to the inner corner of your brows. I use the small, angular brush to create a square shape by lightly pressing a bit of powder on inner corners in an upward motion. 
As you can see, it defines the shape and makes them look more striking. 


I’m not even sure if this is what the clear gel is intended for, but I also use it on my brow-bone to make it nice and dewy looking. 

I find it catches the light, helps to keep my brows in place and makes my eyes look nice and bright. 

After tending to my brows and following my 5-step process for a perfect make-up base I often find I don’t even need mascara. 

Let me know if you have any amazing brow tips! And again, apologies if you had to see me mid-blink while the gifs were loading. 


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