Black is the new black.

sixteenth September two thousand thirteen

If you think black is boring, I’m here to convince you it’s time to think again.  

First things first: yes, I always wear black (or a monochrome palette of black, white and grey if I’m feeling cray-zay) but I often find myself on a self-inflicted guilt trip over my lack of interest in experimenting with colour – until recently… 

You see, I’ve come to realise that nailing a head-to-toe black-on-black ensemble takes just as much skill as any colourful combination of mixed prints and layering. Black is what I’m drawn to and it’s what I feel best in, but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring. 

A perfect example is the classic black suit. The shape and attention to detail makes all the difference. 
I love the way this Karen Millen blazer works with the vest layered underneath. The sheer sleeves keep things exciting and make it the perfect trans-seasonal piece. I’ve also taken a liking to wearing a vest as a top – it gives a bit of a masculine, structured appeal. Oh, and it also helps that the pants are hands down the best (yes, I really mean that) fit I’ve ever come across. 
I loved this outfit so much, I wore it on Vogue Fashion’s Night Out. I know it aint no Saint Laurent, but this suit makes me feel Le Smoking. 

Wearing Karen Millen dress, Zara bag and Alexander Wang boots. 
For the sake of having a more feminine option (and keeping my mother happy), I always have a great black and white printed dress on standby. The addition of a bit of white lightens the heaviness of a LBD, making it way more appropriate for daytime and the warmer months!

See, even my camera got the monochrome memo. 


Up next: how to fake perfect brows (in gifs). 

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