seventh August two thousand thirteen

This is me  make-up free, sans Photoshop, telling it how it is. 

A few weeks ago I was reading through the main search terms that lead to my blog and I was pleasantly surprised to find chronicles of her skin in the top few. 
One of the perks of being a blogger with a self-confessed love for all things beauté is getting to try so many amazing products and finding new favourites. 
Anyway, sharing is caring, and I’ve decided some of my recent discoveries are just too good to keep to myself. 
This week, it’s all about skincare. Make-up (including the most amazing primer ever) to come.
All products featured here are the ones I’m currently using (and loving) daily. 
I use this every morning and night. I’d never tried Biotherm products before this, and I didn’t know how the foaming situation would go down with my dry skin. But I’m almost through my first bottle and I’ll definitely be buying another. It takes my make-up off completely and leaves my skin looking bright and squeaky clean. 
Although the word “daily” is in the name, I only use this once or twice a week when my skin feels like it needs a little bit of a buff. My biggest gripe when it comes to my complexion is dullness, so I go for products that promise to give my skin a little bit of a brightness boost. 

The LBB (little black bottle) of goodness. I’ve been putting this on at night before moisturiser for about two weeks and I can already notice it working its magic – particularly on my skin tone.
This is the next step in my nightly routine. I was pretty much hooked on first use – mainly because that little silver “pearl” feels so damn amazing when you apply it! No, I’m not fighting wrinkles just yet, but prevention is better than a cure!

Every morning. Every night. This is hands down the best moisturiser I’ve found. It instantly makes my skin feel revitalised and keeps it hydrated all day long. It also makes my foundation look nice and dewy! 
This is a beautiful, fragrance-free moisturiser that I was using all through summer, but once winter kicked in I had to upgrade to something a bit heavier. 
Tip: I also take three fish oil capsules a day. 

I always forget to drink enough water during the day and it shows – on my lips. I always have this lip balm in my bag. It repairs, protects, smells incredible and feels amazing. What more could a gal want?
Scaly hands are a no-go. I apply this hand cream whenever I think of it throughout the day to keep my mitts looking pretty. 

You’ve seen it in every beauty hall of fame there is so I don’t need to sing its praises. All you need to know is that it fixes everything. For a more detailed explanation of its many uses, read what Into the Gloss says here.

Hope you found this useful! I’d love you to tell me your can’t-live-without skin products in the comments! x

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