twelfth August two thousand thirteen

In my humble opinion there are two things you can never have enough of…

Black skirts, and white shirts. 

The hardest part is finding the right ones (because the wrong ones will have you looking like a Coles worker, and we don’t want that, do we). 

When it comes to white shirts, I look for a unique shape, feature sleeves or great details – like this Preen beauty I picked up from Acne and Chloé are also a good bet. 

Wearing Preen shirt, Red Valentino skirt, Marc by Marc Jacobs clutch, Celine sunglasses and The Mode Collective shoes (coming soon). 
As for black skirts? It’s all about structure. It’s not often I’ll brave a mini skirt, but the shape of this one won me over. Prep your pins with a bit o’ tan (I’ve been testing out Model Co’s Tan Airbrush in a Can) and it’s like summer all over again!
Hope you have a wonderful week! x
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