second July two thousand thirteen

overcomplicate things. 

Coffee orders (double shot, soy, extra hot, three-quarter full large latte?), weekends or outfits. It’s actually proving harder to do than I first thought. 
I may suffer a little paralysis by over-analysis, but simply getting dressed each morning means factoring in things like ‘I’ll be cold on the walk from my house to my car, but then I’ll be hot when I get to the office’ and, ‘can I wear this top again? I think I wore it last Tuesday’, and ‘this outfit’s too simple, MUST. COME. UP. WITH. SOMETHING. BETTER’. 

The problem? An unplanned wardrobe; too many things that we don’t wear and not enough of the things we do wear. The result? That confusing predicament where you have so much to choose from but nothing to wear! 
That’s why, from now on, I’m vowing to wear and invest in the things I know and love most – like leather. It’s timeless, it can be worn again and again and it usually speaks for itself (minimal crazy creative styling required). 
I’m editing my wardrobe down to great basics, beautiful leather pieces to mix-and-match and only a few seasonal impulse buys (‘everything in moderation’ is what they say, right?). 

Wearing McQ by Alexander McQueen dress and Aquazurra heels (coming soon to with clutch by The Mode Collective

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