twenty seventh June two thousand thirteen

wear a turtleneck, or dedicate a blog post to one for that matter.

Don’t get me wrong, I have a weakness for anything with a nineties appeal (Dr. Martens? Baby Gs? Butterfly clips?!) but whether or not you pull it off like Liv Tyler in Empire Records is another matter altogether.

It’s funny how things fall off the radar and then reemerge decades later – think about when Almost Famous was released and you started raiding op shops and your mum’s wardrobe for vintage crochet and round shades in the hope of looking like Penny Lane (yes, I went there). But maybe that’s exactly why we like it… because of that nostalgic feeling. It’s what makes it feel… right. 

Wearing Neil Barret sweater, Elena Ghesillini bag and Aquazzura heels (all coming soon to my-wardrobe.com) and Morrison skirt
The key to pulling it off is adding a personal twist – something that makes it your own and shows it in a fresh new light. 
I like keeping things classic (as you probably gathered here), so pairing this Neil Barret sweater with my Morrison leather skirt seemed like a no-brainer. Throw cobalt snakeskin Aquazzura heels and a larger-than-life leopard print bag in the mix and you’re in business.
I know you may be thinking, ‘but Chronicles, what does this all meeean?’ It means go forth and embrace the turtleneck! There, I said it. 
I hope you’ve got wonderful things planned for the weekend x
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