twenty third May two thousand thirteen

Images (left to right): Karoline Wolter by Benny Horne for RUSSH October/November 2010, RUSSH October/November 2011, Catherine McNeil by Benny Horne for Vogue Australia November 2012, Vogue Australia November 2010.
In summer I tan religiously so I don’t offend people with my translucentness when hit the beach, but as the cooler months creep up and the black jeans and oversize knits come out of the closet I start to get a bit lax. 
This year I’m turning things around. Why? Well, why not….
It makes sense, really. We’re naturally more tanned in summer and yet we’re way more keen to dive into the fake tan bottle than we are in winter – when the sky is grey, our skin is pale and we’re wearing head-to-toe black! A bit of faux glow will go a long way. Trust me! 
Here’s six tanning products I couldn’t live without:

Image from Vogue Australia November 2010.
This oil-based instant body bronzer is the perfect for winter because the Tahini oil moisturises and smoothes the skin. Yes, it’s slightly shimmery, but your skin can do with a bit of ‘glow’ in winter and chances are you won’t be in heaps of direct sunlight, therefore you won’t look like a disco ball. 
Tip: rub it all over your body directly after showing for maximum hydration. Oh, and did I mention it smells absolutely incredible?!

I think of raved on about face tanners before, but seriously… they’re the best thing goin’ ’round. Applying a small amount of this Clinique one before bed makes you wake up looking like you’ve been to the Bahamas overnight. 
The best bit? It’s also soft enough to apply under your make-up before you go to work on those days when you’re feeling a little under the weather (yay for puns!).

The crème de la crème of bronzers! Remember, cream is key in winter. Keep it in your handbag and apply a bit to your cheeks when your face needs a bit of colour.

Daria Werbowy by Patrick Demarchelier for Industrie magazine. 

My skin tone is more towards the ‘yellow’ end of the scale, and this is the best tan I have come across so far. To colour is extremely natural and it doesn’t come out too dark, so there’s no risk of waking up looking like a gingerbread man. 

The first time I applied this all over my body I was a bit alarmed – it goes on quite dark and continues to develop over time so I was a bit worried about the final result. Alas, when I jumped in the shower the next morning it revealed a perfect, deep tan sans any orange undertones.
I use this one before a night out, rather than every day. 
Tip: these products are both best applied using a mit. I own mits by both of these brands and they both work well, but the St Tropez one seems to apply a thinner layer of product, so I use that when I want a more subtle tan. 

I use this moisturiser on my arms and legs to extend the life of my tan. The best part? The colour is nice and subtle so you can put it on in a hurry without looking like you did later!