fourth February two thousand thirteen

It’s only Monday, but I’m already hanging out for Saturday again. 
I know it might seem like I’m stuck in a black and white rut lately, but I just couldn’t resist this Bigeni Basics top when I saw it. It’s sporty, striped perfection, don’t you think?!
Anyway, for some time now I’ve been wanting a new pair of sandals. 
But not just any sandals.
I’ve been hunting for the type that work pure magic (i.e. it looks like you’re wearing flats, but they have just the right amount of heel to trick people into thinking you’re a lengthy legs eleven). 
I know that sounds impossible, but I used to have a pair of Sportsgirl boots that were this perfect height, and now I’ve struck gold with these Windsor Smith sandals. They’re super chunky, and I like it!
Coming later this week: choosing the right makeup for your outfit – part two (finally!).