sixth February two thousand thirteen

The contents of a handbag reveal so much about the owner. I’ve seen many Q&As where people reveal the contents of their makeup bag, but it’s the things we take with us on the road that are those we’re most attached to. 
The contents of my handbag always include the boring stuff like my iPhone and car keys, but whatever else makes the cut depends on what I’m loving at the time, the mood I’m in and what my schedule looks like for the day. 
This is a new series I’ve been wanting to start for a while. Do let me know if you want to see more!
Today, I tried to be superwoman. I attempted to jam as many things into one day as I predicted was humanly possible. The day started with a press breakfast (and a 7.30am call time) and ended with a quick trip backstage at the David Jones autumn/winter launch this evening. 
I don’t like applying makeup over makeup hours after the first application so I take things to ‘amend’ what’s already there, rather than adding to it. Here’s what today looked like:
1. Vogue Australia March 2013 issue: of course. 
2. Ecotools brow brush: Freshly combed brows work some serious magic. They seem to open up my face and make my eyes look brighter.
3. Aveda Light Elements Smoothing Fluid: A few hours after leaving the house my hair never looks as fresh. I take this in my bag to spritz into my hands, smooth down any frizzies and make it sh-sh-shiny. 
4. Nanoblur: Y’all need this in your life. Immediately. You press it over your foundation as a ‘quick fix’ for shininess, wrinkliness or enlarged pores. It evens skin out. Perfect for what I like to call the ‘mid-afternoon makeup mud slide’. 
5. Tom Ford perfume: It’s my heavy, sultry, power woman perfume. I felt the need for it this morning.
6. Clinique Even Better Eyes Dark Circle Corrector: When you’re tired for an afternoon meeting, it’s just rude to look tired. I used this stuff to cover up darkness under my eyes (and give myself a mini eye massage with the icy cool applicator while I’m at it. Weeeeeeee).