second June two thousand twelve

Beauty stuff, photographed by me.
The beauty department is something I ought to pay more attention to. I’m so unadventurous when it comes to trying new products or experimenting with makeup looks because: A) I tell myself I don’t have the time, B) I’m lazy and, C) I can’t shake my belief that blue eye shadow is something that should be left to Priscilla Queen of the Desert (and, even then, it’s far from desirable).

‘Less is more’ is still my makeup mantra, but if (like me) you’re only willing to commit to the basics, you should do them the fancy, makeup artist way so you look like a super, sexy minx alllll day long. I was doing them wrong before I read ‘Amazing Face‘ by Zoe Foster, so I thought there was a good chance you might be too.

I’ve put together a shortlist of the things I didn’t know and the clever tricks I found to be extremely useful, just in time for your Saturday evening shenanigans! I’d strongly suggest you buy the book though – it has 300 pages of fantasticness. Get it here.

Stop exfoliating your poor, little, chubby cheeks so much! The place we seem to automatically start scrubbing the life out of first is the place we are most unlikely to have clogged pores. The other parts (i.e. your forehead, nose and chin) need it more!

Fake tan your face. I can already hear you – “Eeeeewwwwwww! Fake tan is gross!”, but it makes sense to use it on your face, even if you don’t use it on your body. Your body is naturally more tanned than your face, so rubbing in a little face tanner every few days will bless you with a healthy glow 24/7, sans sun and skin damage!

Put your bronzer on THIS way: It will make you look like Giselle*. Promise**. Start with your bronzer brush at one side of your forehead near the hairline, and then take it down towards your chin in the shape of a ‘3’. This means, follow the hairline from your forehead, around your eye, come in at the cheekbone a little and then draw it back towards your ear and down along your jawline. It sounds complicated, but it’s really not. 
*Multiple alcoholic beverages may also be required.
** I had my fingers crossed while typing this.

Put powder blush on the apples of the cheeks ONLY, and keep it two finger widths away from your nose. Smile when you put it on to make it easier. It really does make you look younger and fresh faced. Putting it under your cheekbone makes you look older, cranky and scary.

Prescribe your eyelashes with what they need, and use multiple mascaras. Genius! I would never have thought to do this. What do they need? Are they short? Then use a defining mascara (to separate), then a lengthening mascara, followed by a big fat volumising mascara. Are they already thick, but need a little oomph? Start with a defining mascara, followed by a curling mascara and then a volumising one.

Do your bottom lash mascara THIS way: You don’t want baby spider legs for bottom lashes. Rest your mascara wand over the bottom lashes and blink a few times. It yields good, natural results. Trust me!

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