eighteenth May two thousand twelve

Statement nails are everywhere at the moment – how amazing are the Comme des Garcons ones featured on Fashion Squad this week!?

They got my brain ticking to come up with some cool ideas to try so last night I made an attempt at navajo inspired nails.

As it turns out, I loved them so much I decided to spread the word. 

The best part is that they look super tricky and professional but they’re easy peasy to do!


 1. A selection of colours: 3 is plenty but you can go as crazy as your little heart desires. I chose neon shades of pink, orange and yellow.

2. A fine tip permanent marker: Obsessive compulsive neat freaks will want to use a super fine tip but this can make the lines harder to perfect. If your hand is a bit wobbly (like mine) it’s best to use one a bit thicker (the size of a felt pen).

3. A quick dry top coat: To seal the deal.


When you’ve got your colours sorted and your patient pants on, you can start painting your nails. You can stick to one colour per nail or mix it up with multi colour stripes – get creative! 

Don’t worry if your paint job is a little ordinary – you won’t be able to notice once we’re finished!


This is the exciting part! Once your nails are completely dry, use the black pen to draw on each nail. 

You don’t have to be Picasso to make it look right – stick to straight lines, zig zags, circles and dots…  

Give the pen 5 minutes to set and then lightly (very lightly!) paint over them with the top coat.

You like? 

Let’s play!