twenty third May two thousand twelve

I love a good ear cuff. 
Probably because I’m just not hardcore enough to get the real deal. 

You might remember this little guy from my post earlier this week (here)

I’ve always thought wearing just one of these ear cuffs looks a bit random so I decided to buy three and line my model’s ear with them for the Market HQ Style Off (see here). This got me thinking of what else I could do with them and…. here we are. 

You will need: 

1) 2 X ear cuffs from Sportsgirl.
2) 2 X jump rings (you can get these from fabric and craft stores or just ‘borrow’ them from an old piece of jewellery you no longer wear).
3) A piece of silver chain approximately 9cm in length (you can buy this or recycle it from that poor old neglected piece of jewellery I mentioned above).
4) Small flat nose pliers.

The steps…

1) Use your itty bitty pliers to open the jump rings (come on, muscles – it’s not hard).

2) Fold the chain in half and put one of the jump rings through both ends – close it so you have a circle of chain.

3) Put the second jump ring around the chain and close it so you’re left with the above ^ ^ ^.

4) Reopen one of the jump rings and link it around the end of one of the ear cuffs.

5) Attach the second ring to the second ear cuff as above.

6) BOOYAH! You have yourself a double ear cuff that can morph into a super awesome double finger chain ring!

Also coming this week:
– A lil’ outfit post.
– Makeup tips & tricks I wish I’d known about years ago!

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