twenty sixth April two thousand twelve

I was just sitting at home this morning, getting down with my half up/half down top knot, when I had an epiphany: it’s about time everyone embraced this hairstyle in all its glory.
It’s the way of the future, I feel. 
Here’s why: 
  1. The all hair out, ‘I’m too alty/indie/zen to own a hairbrush’ look is getting boring. For
    far too long now, hair has taken a back seat. It’s on your head; it
    keeps you warm and it deserves to be styled just as much as the rest of
    your body.
  2. It’s called transeasonal (hair) dressing. It’s the best of both worlds – all the warmth of hair down with no annoying fringe or wispy bits on your face or in your eyes.
  3. It requires minimal effort and no skill whatsoever. Unlike
    tricky braids and the old ‘fishtail’, you could pretty much do it in
    your sleep and in the time it takes you to say
  4. It’s a lil bit 90s. Doc Martens, mood rings?! What’s not to love about the 90s? Hell, give me some butterfly clips and a bra strap headband and I’ll be all over it! Disclaimer: That last part was a joke.
  5. All the cool kids are doing it. Here’s one I prepared earlier:

Bel from Lovemore
Alex from 4thandbleeker
Abbey Lee
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