twenty ninth May two thousand eleven

I always wonder what it would be like getting dressed every day in the life of a celebrity. For me, the selection process is simple; firstly, I determine my mood, secondly, I decide what will be appropriate for the occasion and, finally, I throw an outfit together from my modest wardrobe filled with labels ranging from Bonds to Topshop, from Mink Pink to Guess, from Sportsgirl to Moschino. My main downfall is that, at times, I’m lazy. I find comfort in the fact that I can leave the house in a far-less-than-fabulous outfit and it doesn’t matter in the slightest because no one will be waiting to snap a photo of me for the ‘what the f#!k is she wearing’ pages of the glossies. 
But somehow, I think this whole scenario would be far more complex for a celebrity for three main reasons – a) the occasion is often more important than my daily coffee run or trip to uni, b) no doubt, their wardrobes would consist of 1000x the clothing and 100x the designer labels that mine does and, c) there’s a good chance that some random is squatting behind a bush just dying to get that ‘fat’, ‘pregnant’ or ‘look who needs a stylist, pronto’ photo of them. 
To kill my curiosity, THE CHRONICLES OF HER took five with Miss Universe Australia, Jesinta Campbell to chat about her style. As it turns out, her daily style saga doesn’t seem much different to my own. Although, this probably has something to do with the fact that she is, in my opinion, one of the most down to earth and selfless celebrities around. 
Style inspiration? Lara Bingle, she never gets it wrong and I love the fact that she supports local Australian designers! She always looks flawless. I also love the Olsen Twins, Jessica Hart and Miranda Kerr. Favourite designers? I have SO many… I love Scanlan and Theodore, Sass and Bide, Ellery… the list goes on and on! What’s your style? My style reflects what mood I’m in. On my days off I love to wear ripped jeans, my converse and a plain T, and on other days I love to be really girly and wear floaty florals! How do you choose an outfit for a big event? Miss Universe Australia have provided me with outfits for most of my events throughout my reign. However, soon there will be a new Miss Universe Australia so I will have a stylist to help me put outfits together for events. What items are on the top of your wish list? Eeek, where do I start? I’m a watch girl. At the moment, I alternate between my chunky UBoat and my Gucci watch, but I would love to add a Hermes ‘Medor’ to the collection (top of the Christmas wish list!).