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Honey, you and your clothes are one of a kind.

Embroidery is everything ATM. We’ve seen it cruising down the runways of some of our BFFs like Gucci and Tommy Hilfiger season after season… and naturally we wanna follow suit.

Case in point: this GINIA\RTW silky slip top.

Their new bespoke collection is major. They’ve got all the cute, limited edition appliqués a girl could ask for – like our fave emojis, letters (like A, B and C!), the birds n’ the bees… OMAGAD. SO. FUN.

Our favourite thing about this is that you can literally DYI (not to be confused with DUI) your dream wardrobe from the comfort of your couch with a vino in hand = DIGI DREAMIN.

Carmen went with florals for spring (#GROUNDBREAKING) and Lainy went XTRA SPICY with triple chillies. We also added red stars to our favourite white silk shirts to bring a bit of twinkle to the daily grind.

… Now it’s your turn! Get involved HERE.


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Chloe Square Neck Cami

Ginia Rtw

Chloe Square Neck Cami

High Waist Crop

Apiece Apart

High Waist Crop

Smile Pendant

Tiffany & Co

Smile Pendant