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Where to get vintage Levi’s?

... from two girls still in search of the perfect pair.

Is it just us, or are flattering vintage Levi’s the most elusive thing in the world?

501s seem to look great on everyone else, but when you try them on the reality is far from the dream.

We know, cause we’ve trekked down back alleyways in Harijuku and walked the four acres of Chatuchak Market in Bangkok on a mission to find the perfect pair (that don’t give us that fedgie feel).

But do we really have to fly all the way to Asia for pants that have graced the groins of many before us?

We don’t think we should…

So someone tell us, where is the crème de la crème of pre-loved denim hiding (apart from Alexa Chung’s wardrobe)?

Let us know in the comments below and we’ll LY4ever.

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twenty-five Replies

  • Minnie Mac

    fara charity shop in southfields (london) they’re sometimes only 5 pounds SO GOOD


      a friend lives near there and she said it’s amazing!

  • biBi

    glebe market is pretty good, also so good ——>


      thank you! yeah glebe is a go-to of mine

  • biBi

    im actually going to new york soon does anyone have any recommendations for vintage stores there????


      I’ll ask around for you!

  • katie

    theres good places in fitzroy melbourn


      Thanks Katie. My friend told me the other day that there is good one in a bazaar near Flinders Street, do you know what it’s called? x

  • Daniella

    Camden Market in London has loads of vintage levi’s stocked especially in the horse stalls ? love it!


      Thanks for getting in touch, I love Camden!

  • Emily

    I have been on the search for the perfect pair of 501s and can’t seem to find a flattering pair either! I think it’s’ difficult to find a good cut but the best option I’ve found is to buy a pair online off eBay or Etsy and have them tailored. This approach ended up costing me less than a pair of re-done’s.

    Haven’t found a good selection of 501s in any Sydney vintage stores. I feel like there’s more of a selection in Europe & the US so if you’re based in Aus then your best bet is to buy online.


      I never thought of that, smart idea – thank you Emily!

  • yasmin

    Miss Brown and Brahminy Exchange in Byron Bay have SO many!


      Thank you Yasmin. I’ll be sure to check them out next time I am there. I’ve heard that Miss Brown in Surry Hills, Sydney has loads too!

  • Eve Oswald

    Look in the mens section of any op shop! I found my dream pair of Levis in a tiny tucked away SPCA charity store for $4. Best day of my thrifting life <3
    I recently wrote a blog post about this very topic! Feel free to check it out, you are so ridiculously stylish it would mean so much.

    Eve x


      Thank you Eve!


      Love your piece, very insightful!

  • Thrift for sure! I love this look, any vintage style has out hearts!


      What’s your favourite thrift store?

  • Phoebe

    Resurrection Vintage store in New York is amazing for Levis and other vintage finds! I’ve spent so many hours there.


      I will check it out next time I go, thank you so much!

  • kimkellyismyfriend

    This is an old post, but I just found it and thought I would chime in 🙂

    I usually suggest that women searching for their perfect Levi’s visit well stocked second hand shops (whether thrift, charity, vintage, etc) and try on a ton of jeans. Once you find a pair with a fit you like, note not only the style and labeled size but bring a measuring tape and take the jeans’ *actual* measurements (waist and front rise, at the very least). Armed with your preferred style and their actual measurements, you can scour the internet for your favorite color/finish and the best deals. Etsy and Ebay are bursting with vintage Levi’s.
    Wherever you end up looking for your dream vintage Levi’s, you need to expand your search to cuts other than the 501. Try the 505, for instance — it has a zipper fly and an ever so slightly higher rise than the 501, and can be extremely flattering on women. Willowy girls looking for a close fit should look into Student Fit cuts (they come in small waist sizes and have a more narrow hip). There are Levi’s for Women 501s from the 80s and 90s that have a slightly different waist to hip ratio that work nicely for those with classic hourglass figures. There is also an 80s/90s women’s cut called the 950 that has a high rise and tapered leg. Vintage 517s look great on women, and offer both a nice natural (high) rise and a boot cut leg. I could go on, but you get the idea!

    Happy hunting,
    A vintage denim seller 😉


      Thank you so so much for this! Extremely helpful as I had never thought to measure a pair that fit me well. I was also wondering which were a bootcut style so I will definitely look for the 517s now. Amazing! Do you have any other vintage tips? Would love to hear from you again!

  • Charlene

    Levi’s Wedgie Fit jeans are the one for me! I tried on 501’s and they do my figure zero favors – I’m of an athletic build).

    The Wedgie’s aren’t pre-owned or re-done vintage but that is the style they portray. They have a slight (and I mean slight) bit of stretch in them, frayed hems and make my booty look happy. I urge you to give them a try. I go up 2 sizes as I like a looser look…they’re honestly fantastic. My search is over.

  • Lola

    Were ? … but in Paris !!