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Where Are Your Favourite Holiday Destinations?

Tell us in the comments!

I am in desperate need of a holiday.

And I’m sure I’m not the only one… let’s see those hands!

It’s got to that point in the year; deadlines are on and all I want to do is switch off.

I keep having a recurring dream which involves me on a beach holiday, sipping Margheritas. The nightmare is when reality calls and I get woken up by my alarm clock.

Now that Christmas is around the corner (according to the people that are decorating already!) I’m ready to pack my bags. But where to?

I’ll leave it up to you.

Tell me your favourite holiday destinations and tips in the comments below. Help me take a trip of a lifetime!

Image and words: @georgiewoodweber

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seven Replies

  • Katie Mac

    I went to Mancora in Peru last year. It was so incredible that I change my plans so I could go back there later on in my trip. I’d recommend eating at a cafe called Angela’s and if you like meeting people and parties stay at Loki.

    Love this post!!

    Katie xx

  • Liv Spencer

    Cuba is a must see! I went around Christmas/ beginning of this year and its the best time to go to avoid the rain. I went to Havana and Varadero… Varadero is a resort beach area so perfect for making your dream come to life and Havana is filled with history and such a colourful city!

  • ben

    i had the sickest time in london, the cat & mutton in london fields is cool – as is the field particularly in london summers

  • Rachael O’Brien

    New Zealand or Tasmania. Such beautiful scenery, think amazing walks, cheese, wine and untouched coastlines!

  • Bella

    Turkey! I go there every year and every year I experience new things and always come home very happy from the trip. Turkey is my homeland so I guess that’s why it has a special place in my heart! xx

  • This might sound cliché but Bali is the most amazing place i’ve been in my life! The rice fields, the beaches, the palm trees…feels like paradise!


  • Chesca

    New York baby… it’s no beach holiday but it’s an incredible place to visit all year round if you haven’t been there. I would say its a trip of a lifetime and when its warmer you can go up to the Hamptons to be by the water. I recommend going to China Town and the Meat Packers district and of course the High Line is a really nice way to see the city ( it’s a bit cold and miserable during the winter so be prepared). During winter time, there are really nice Christmas markets all around the city with Ice skating rinks, food stalls and little hand made gifts.