Talk It Out

What’s your favourite designer handbag ever?

It's a BIG question, so choose wisely.

When it comes to handbags, is your motto ‘out with the old, in with the new?’ Or do you think they just get better with age?

Do you go GAGA for the ‘GG’ on your Gucci? Or are you all about the sleek simplicity of the Céline ‘Trio’?

Does the quilting on the CHANEL 2.55 have you all stitched up? Or do you get giddy over the Balenciaga ‘City’?

Do you L O V E your Dior ‘Lady’ or Insta-spam the monogram on your Louis Vuitton ‘Speedy’?

We want to hear your fondest handbag memories, and which styles played the leading roles.

Tell us your favourite designer handbag EVER below.

…Ready… Set…. GO!

Words: @carmengracehamilton

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twenty-one Replies

  • Oh my what a question! Do I have to pick only one? Oh well Mulberry Alexa then it is. It looks effortless but also kind of structured. I love it!


      I love this style also I think it’s a classic! I love it in black, do you have a favourite?

      • I prefer the brown-redish kind of color. I think it’s called oak.It’s so pretty!

        • Lainy @ CHRONICLESOFHER

          I just looked it up, it totally is. I really like the black one that has textured leather!

  • A luxury handbag is a thing of beauty . What a question . I’m going to embrace my penchant for classics and say the “Hermes Kelly bag “. I feel like a tratior to Gucci ,CHANEL and Prada .
    Dress The Part


      It’s hard to pick just one, we are so lucky to have such a wide choice of artistry! What is your favourite CHANEL bag? We really love the new Gabrielle collection!

  • Kay Nguyen

    My favorite have to be the Fendi 3Jours medium textured-leather tote, it is so versatile, I can’t get enough of it <3
    You can find it here:


      This bag is amazing, thank you Kay! Adding it to my wishlist. I’d personally use this in my everyday – do you think it’s worth investing in high quality handbags to use everyday or do you think it’s better to save them for occasions?

  • Ivona Iwarra Josipovic

    I have favourite bags that change with time as trends come and go, but the one that will last forever is the Chanel. I like to think it’s not boring, but classic.


      You can’t go wrong with CHANEL!

  • Sasha

    I would have to say the YSL Sac de Jour, it’s so classic and works well with every outfit and occassion. Love that Gucci bag though for a bit of fun!


      I think it’s great to have bags like the Gucci as they really make any outfit!

  • Julia Santo

    You said it, it’s Dior’s Lady for me, I have it in the deep red and can’t get enough! Xx


      I love wearing a deep red bag with my denim, I think it adds a pop of colour to my basics!

  • StyleDebatesCom

    I personally go to vintage shops when I want to have something casual. Talking about dressy outfits, I usually buy trendy stuff, but in a conservative look, so I can use it with multiple looks.
    Jess from


      Have you checked out Vestaire and The Real Real, they’re great spots for finding vintage designer handbags?!

  • Sara F

    My favourite always changes but my current IT bag in my collection is a Dolce and Gabbana bag from the Mambo collection. It’s so bright and unique and adds a bit of fun to every outfit!


      Yes, exactly! A handbag is perfect for adding fun to your outfits

  • Susan

    Hands down, the MAX MARA WHITNEY.
    I currently have 8.

  • Nivien A

    I am hoping to expand my designer bag collection. I am eyeing a Chanel and YSL bag. Gotta have them!!!!

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  • Esther

    The Chanel 2.55 was one of my first designer bags.
    It is really a good point to do a good research before investing so much money in a designer handbag.
    Love, Esther