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What Playlists Should I Be Listening To?

Help, I need somebody!

Guys, I’m having a really bad day.

Even the sun shining through my window is making me angry.

I need some good music, and everything on Spotify under the name of ‘viral’ is killing me softly (p.s. why Justin Bieber’s new song so bad?!).

S.O.S please someone help me, it’s not healthy for me to feel this wa-aaay.

I like all the genres so send me something good on YouTube or Spotify.

Preferably from your personal playlist collections but basically anywhere – I’m currently that desperado.

I need something to help me put ma hands in the air like I just don’t care.

Thanks, love you.

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twenty Replies

  • Haha I love this, it’s amazing how music affects your mood so much especially when you can’t seem to find any new good music. Plus I totally agree Justin Bieber’s new song is horrible! I’m not sure what kind of music you like but heres a few that I have been loving. 🙂

    Hurts – Ready to Go
    Maroon 5 – What Lovers Do
    Conro – Chardonnay xx

  • Peta trendall

    My new, can’t stop listening to, upbeat favourite is Come by Jain.

  • Akosua Adasi

    I’m having a bit of a throwback Thursday (but all day everyday) and listening to early Avril lavigne, Britney Spears and Ashlee Simpson. It’s highly satisfying


      Hey Akosua thanks for getting in touch – those are some of my favourite throwbacks to! Any songs in particular? We’ve made a colloborative playlist on Spotify featuring all the songs from our readers. Please add your favourite songs right now if you’d like to x

      • Akosua Adasi

        Hey Lainy! Happy to contribute!
        A bit of old school Britney can really change your day

  • I feel excactly the same way! This month has just been one dissappointing song after another! Reading to people’s comments for help


      Hey Olga thank you for your comment. We love hearing from you all! I totally understand and we feel the same at COH. We’ve just made a collaborative on Spotify featuring the songs from the comments so please have a listen and add some songs to it if you’d like to!


      • I love it!!! Honestly I’m so glad I found out mura mara through you! He’s amazing!

      • I love it!!! I’m usually so hard to find music I like, but this… it’s magical 🙂 😛

  • Claire Nolan

    Music has such an affect on us for sure! My current uplifting go to songs on my own Spotify playlist are
    Shots – Imagine Dragons
    Safe and Sound – Capital Cities
    Don’t Hold Me Back – Runaway John
    Lost Highway – Bon Jovi
    Found It In Silence – HaimGeronimo – Sheppard
    I Lived – One republic
    Secret Garden – Bruce Sprigsteen
    Catch Me If You can – Walking On Cars
    Back In The World – David Gray
    Angel In Blue Jeans – Train

    A mix of throwback nostalgia, profound lyrics, pumped up feel good, and found on the streets buskers 🙂

  • Claire Watson

    I’m heavily into Mura Masa’s new album, esp. Helpline which might just be what you’re searching for 🙂
    ALSO heard The Temptations – Ain’t Too Proud To Beg at a bar last weekend and have shamelessly played it 30+ times since…

  • Lindsey Rick

    Bear’s Den “Red Earth & Pouring Rain”, Nathaniel Rateliff and The Night Sweats – Self Titled, Elbow “Build A Rocket Boys”, Dr. Dog “Be The Void”, Chris Stapleton “Traveller”, Kate Tempest “Let Them Eat Chaos”, Marina and the Diamonds “The Family Jewels”. Those are all albums I listened to last week on Spotify – Also on Spotify, any of the Aquarium Drunkard playlists are all awesome.

  • Violeta

    Hello there! This playlist has some of the most known “oldies” songs as I like to call them, and it has so many songs that higher up you mood or get you in that diva mood, you feel me, right?
    One of my favourites is All that she wants from Ace of Base, and you can find it in my playlist.
    I could have for sure share a playlist with some more actual songs but there’s nothing like these ones. Hope you enjoy!

    • Violeta


  • Summer

    John mayer!!! Gabrielle Aplin!! Zayn Malik!

  • So impressive, If I could buy these. Thanks for sharing is us.