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What are your new year’s resolutions?

Tell us in the comments... We're in this together!

We all make them (and eventually break them) but, hey, there’s something encouraging about starting the *shiny* New Year with fresh goals, hopes ‘n dreams.

The old me has been been planning to learn guitar for the past five years but now the *new me* I want to be in 2017 is (trying to be) chic and fashun – so I shall learn French. Oui.

How about you? What are your New Year resolutions? If you’re stuck, use the video below as inspo.

Tell us in the comments, because I say we should all share more, IRL and online in 2017 ;).


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  • ericalorrainescheidt

    cigarettes is really hard to spell.


      I agree! I definitely struggled

  • I’ve had “learn French” and “learn guitar” on my list for about 7 years now…… so this year when I wrote it, I’ll definitely achieve it right? 😉


      May the force be with both of us :)!

  • rachel_yabsley

    Run 5km (I’ve never done it! Not even 2km I don’t think!), be able to do the splits again, and get signed to an agency for my photography! BAM. I nailed all last year’s goals so hopefully 2017 will be the same!


      I am sure you will achieve all these things!

  • By.mick

    Don’t let things ruin your day.
    I can’t remember where I got this from, it may have been from a book or a youtuber (lol so profesh) or I may have just made it up but either way, where ever it came from it is completely and utterly true to my life. I guess what I mean by “letting things ruin your day”, from personal experience, is by having things linger in your mind and not letting go of it. This leading to just thinking of crazy shit and probably making things worse by affecting my actions and moods. I feel as if during 2016 I was mostly just in my own head constantly thinking and thinking to the point when you finally realise like holy shit why am I so worked up about this minor situation when I could just go on with my life?

    And so what I mean by “don’t let things ruin your day” is that you shouldn’t sweat the small stuff and just live in the now because shit happens for a reason and sometimes you have no control over what happens, and I’m not saying don’t be upset or angry but why let something minor ruin your entire day/week when you can just move on and let life happen?

    2. Be more open minded.
    2016 saw myself sticking to what I felt most comfortable with and constraining myself to what I knew of instead doing things out of the ordinary. It’s not a big goal but to open yourself to new situations and new people just sounds like fun and like fuck it’s 2017 just do it. Hang out with people you’ve never hung out with, do shit by yourself like go to the beach or go to a gig if you love the music, teach yourself and start learning about things that other people probably don’t believe in (i.e me and astrology) but at the end of the day who cares experience new things in 2017, love it, embrace it, feel it.

    3. Expressing more creativity.
    This step is already in process via this blog but I’ll definitely be wanting to collaborate with more creatives and exploring more of the world to develop new ideas, locations and meet new people.

    4. Self Learning
    In 2016, I spent so much money, I am literally a walking meme, wearing my money or you’ll occasionally see me eating it. With the coming of 2017 I will attempt to use my money for self learning and settle down on all the impulse buys.


      Yes I totally agree with you, thank you for your wise words! I definitely am feeling more positive and productive this year (so far!)

      I find TED talks super helpful for self learning and expressing creativity!

  • I wrote to learn a language last year! However, when I visited foreign countries they always wanted to speak to me in English! x


      Try using foreign cinema and subtitles – it actually works! My friend learnt to speak english watching Friends!

  • ines

    I literally fell in love with the bag in the pictures. Would you be so kind to tell me where it’s from?
    Hugs from Span


      It is a Prada bag, I have checked online but unfortunately it doesn’t appear to be available but I’ll keep an eye out for you!