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What’s ALWAYS In Your Make-Up Bag?

Tell us in the comments!

I don’t know about you, but if I’m left without my make-up essentials for a day I feel vulnerable to the elements.

If I have lobster lasagne for lunch (why not it’s Friday!?) and I don’t have my lipstick handy to reapply, I’m going to be looking like a (not so hot) mess for the rest of the day.

I’ve begun to see my make-up bag as a virtual security blanket. I won’t always have to use it but I like to know it’s there.

I prefer non-waterproof mascara because it’s easier to take off at night. However, as a result, I’ll most likely get a subtle case of the panda eyes during the day. That’s why I like to use my Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer and Estée Lauder Cushion Stick to correct any little miss haps.

This is just one example of the habitual touch ups I find necessary throughout the day and now I want to know yours!

What do you use? What neat retouching tips do you have? What products do you need to SURVIVE?

List them here (in the comments) and help me look pretty please!

Words: @blyjonesing



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    I can’t live without an eyebrow mascara! I have used the brow mascaras from Benefit, Estée Lauder and Maybelline and would recommend them all! I also love the Mecca primer + gel/balm highlighter.

  • The slow pace

    I really need mascara. I don’t care which one, but I have to wear it. I have teeny tiny eyes and whitouth mascara… No. I just can’t. I also love to add a tad of highlighter in the inner corner of the eyes because, again, it opens my tiny eyes!


      Hi E!
      Thanks for your comment.
      I am so with you there! Mascara is an absolute must for me too. That is such a good tip about the highlighter – I’m definitely going to give it a try soon. Love products that have more than one function. Highlighter is a great one because it can be used on Cupid’s bow, cheekbones, eye socket and now the inner corners of the eyes!

  • Kay Nguyen

    I personally don’t wear makeup that often so I don’t really need anything with me, but when I do wear makeup, I try to keep my Clinique mascara and Benefits mini highlight stick with me <3


      Hi Kay,
      Perfection! I definitely agree with you there.
      Lashes and glowy skin are super important in my books.
      Thanks for sharing your products with us <3 xx

  • Lubna M Umar

    I always keep a nude lipstick such as MAC Taupe or Charlotte Tilbury’s Penelope Pink and a powder compact in my bag ! Great post x


      Hi Lubna,
      This is super interesting thank you for sharing!
      I’m like you – I often just stick to nudes or soft pink’s. Sometimes if I’m feeling more daring I’ll wear a stark red colour but that’s pretty rare aha
      I’ll have to try out your lipsticks next time I’m looking for a new shade 🙂 xx

  • I can’t live without my eyebrow products!

    xoxo Serein Wu


      Amazing! I have pretty unruly brows….what products in particular do you use?
      I’m looking for the perfect gel to keep my eyebrows looking groomed xxx

  • natalie

    I always have a mini make up bag on me with concealer and mascara 🙂


      We are the same!
      The products I use most are lipstick, concealer and highlighter – but that doesn’t stop me bringing a whole mini bag with me!
      Thanks for sharing Natalie xx


    The two products that make me feel like me every day are the Anastasia Clear Brow Gel and my Sunday Riley Night Face Oil! I wear the oil all day and everyday it just lifts and brightens my face and gives it all the nutrients it needs!

  • Rachel

    I always keep a cream highlighter on me, its great for when I didn’t get enough sleep, I just dab a tiny bit under the eye to reflect light and hide my dark circles! A bright lipstick (I prefer a true red) also does the trick of brightening up your face and directing attention xx

  • Basically I always use sunscreen to go outside. Sometimes cream and others high lighter too. Fell good to stay here.