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Go-to brand for basic T-shirts?

NORM to the CORE.

T-shirts are the starting-point of every good wardrobe, basically.

I live in tees (or I    basic   in #mybasics) but home is usually where I lose them because a housemate (sibling/friend/lover) will claim my favourite crew neck was ‘lost in the wash’. Probably because it’s so hard to decipher the bad from the good until you’ve at least tried – or better yet, worn them in.

Personally, I think the best basics come from the men’s section or ex-boyfriends. I don’t condone stealing but I may/may not have redeemed the $200 my last boyfriend owed me with basic tees (and maybe a few sweaters, you know, as ‘interest’). I now have the perfect [ex]boyfriend collection with everything from Calvin Klein to American Apparel, as well as some new kids on the block like Basic Rights (a London-New York lovechild) and Bondi’s (locals only) Venroy (and yes, these brands are both available online).

Bassike is Carmen’s go-to (when I asked she didn’t even pause), and many of our Street 365 stars said the same. Other notable mentions went to Rag & Bone, or Bonds if you’re on a budget. 

Anyway I love to have a chat and I want to chat with YOU, so let’s share (and steal) our go-to’s in the comments below.

By Lainy Black

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twenty-three Replies

  • Lucy

    love the website! always love reading your posts


      Thank you Lucy, please keep reading! We appreciate the support x

  • Natasha –

    Love posts like this.

    I love the Bassike ones – even though they’re a bit exxy


      Heylo! Thanks for your comment, we love hearing from you keep ’em coming! Totally feel like it’s worth the money, Bassike’s last forever x

  • Meghan

    Aritzia is my fail-safe go to.


      Cool, thank you! Will have to check them out!

  • I loved this read!

    And totally agree about the ex-boyfriend clothes. I’m currently trying to get back my ex boyfriends hoodie (a classic grey staple) from my current boyfriend who has since lent it to his sister!! It’s certainly making a trip, but I definitely need it back in my closet hahaha

    Heather x


      I love hearing stories behind people’s clothes, I hope it comes back to you x

  • Meredith

    I love LAmade for basics! I love that they are made in the US, as well as the fit and feel for the brand overall.



      Great, thanks so much Meredith- love hearing new brands to check out

  • Could this thread also double as a support group for guys? My ex stole all my basic t shirts.

  • rachel

    Just stocked up on t’s from gap. I don’t like v-necks but I do like to show some collarbone, which their crewneck t’s do. I also bought some of the “lux” t-shirts and so far I am really loving the relaxed fit. Plus, the white one isn’t totally and completely see through!

  • Serena Sullivan

    Was just thinking about where I’m going to get my basics from this summer and how I want to invest in a good brand. Thanks for making this post!

  • Pamela

    Found the perfect boyfriend tee, Their shirts are super soft/rich (silk and cashmere blend, yes!) so you can dress it up or down.

  • Monika
  • Kate

    I bought a couple of t shirts from COS in Paris a couple of years ago and wear them all several times a week. They are as fresh as ever and have a great cut. The COS Australia stores stock t-shirts but they don’t feel like the same cut or material, they’re a little bit transparent (the worst right!?). Totally agree with the boyfriends always have the best t-shirts, perfectly slouchy and worn in.

  • Lillian Price

    I love this post. Was only talking with a friend this morning about how investing in good t-shirts is so worth the $$
    Bassike and Ksubi are my go-to brands!

  • Daisy Gardner

    Bassike; Splendid; and Frame Denim do the best tee’s 🙂

  • Rebecca Cameron

    I love James Perse for basic t-shirts, slightly more expensive but so soft and luxurious!

  • Zoe

    My latest find for cheap AMAZING plain tees is the mens section of Armani Exchange

  • Talyah

    I’m loving Rag and Bone tees at the moment, they sit so nicely on the body

  • Tahlia Walsh

    Anika Basic. Local girls, amazing quality and awesome price

  • love this! I don’t really wear tees but my favourite store for basics is