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Where to buy a black blazer for under $350?

... when you want that Saint Laurent cut on a sandwich budget.

I feel like the best version of ‘me’ when I’m wearing my black blazer.

I throw it on over a T-shirt or sometimes nothing at all (except pants, obvs), and it has the power to make me feel polished every time.

But not all black blazers were created equal.

It has to be exactly the right length, slightly structured at the shoulders with a relaxed fit at the bottom… and if it doesn’t come complete with all the finishing touches (gold buttons, a satin lapel and pockets to match) then it doesn’t cut it.

Finding ‘the one’ is hard – just ask Kate Moss – she goes vintage and then relies on a good tailor to do the rest.

But if you CBF doing that, and you want one now without having to sacrifice lunch money for a decade (#HANGRY), I’ve found Hansen & Gretel, Mango and Zara are a good place to start.

NOW IT’S YOUR TURN! Tella me your black blazer sourcing secrets in the comments please (cause you can never have too many I say) xoxo

By Carmen Hamilton. 

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twenty-two Replies

  • I have to say, if you’re petite like me the Topshop fit is surprisingly amazing!



      I think it’s great that Topshop have a tall and petite section, we are all different sizes and shapes and I find it’s strange that there’s only a small range of dress sizes available! Do you know any other brands that are good for petite girls?

      • I wish I did! Miss Selfridge has a pretty good petite section in terms of fit and The Kooples actually has jeans that are great if you’re petite because they have most of their styles in a cropped length!

        • Lainy @ CHRONICLESOFHER

          If you’ve never tried it, I’d recommend fraying your jeans when they are too long – it works a treat for me. You just cut off the bottoms and wash them and they fray so nicely/professionally!

  • Lou

    Well, if your absolutely positive about your measurements then I shop on eBay where I found ‘the one’ !!! Shoulders and a fitted waist are my bottom lines !


      ebay is my go-to when I can’t find something specific in stores and it’s the best when you find something that fits perfectly!

  • Ainsley Hansen

    Love Love – Hansen & Gretel way to go 😉 <3


      I agree!!

  • Meghan

    Aritzia’s in house babaton brand!


      I will have to check this out, thank you!

  • A helpful blog post! I must look for this type of blazer in stores. –


      Yes do, I love gold hardware on blazers! Did you have any luck finding it?

  • Jane

    Nice blog post. I bookmarked your page. Love to read more from here.



      Thank you, please keep reading and commenting – we love hearing from you!

  • I agree with Kate – vintage is the way. You just cant get quality like that for under $50 if you buy new. Plus they made them with extra steez back then (more fancy details and cool fabrics!)


      Very true although it can be so hard to find one that fits correctly, I sometimes check the men’s vintage sections to get more of a boyfriend fit but then sleeve length can be difficult! Do you have any go-to vintage stores?

  • harun

      Thank you!

  • India Losse

    Ive been looking for a great (cheap) blazer for ages now… I was thinking of getting a seamstress to make one but they charge through the roof! I’ll have to check out Hansen and Gretel! Thanks! x


      Definitely check out HG!

  • what an awesome post! thanks. Zara + tailor works for me as well!


      Zara is a great go-to! Mango is really awesome also for affordable finds