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HELP! What Are The Best Shopping Spots In The World?

Tell us in the comments!

I need you!

Friends keep asking me where to shop (offline aka. IRL).

Just ‘cus I work in fashion, doesn’t mean I’m globally clued up.

So, I want to compile a shopping guide, and I need to know what the best spots are in your hometown or anywhere you’ve visited tbh!?

There is no spending limit, and I want to know them all the secret spots. Everything from local designers to vintage treasure chests (and please don’t forget markets!)

It’s going to be the ultimate global list, and I can’t do this without you so let me know in the comments.

Once I’ve made it I’ll share it – thank you, friends!

We love hearing from you, get in touch via the comments below!

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six Replies

  • Amy G

    East End Thrift Store in East London – for those that like vintage this is the best in the world, you can fill a bag for $20 and there’s different sections where some items are ticketed – I found a red fitted suede long coat for 5 pounds!!!

  • In Montreal Canada: Want Apothecary & Citizen Vintage

  • by livie

    In Paris, France: “Chine Machine” or “Chezel” for really cool/curated vintage finds


    In Paris, “The Vintage” at 25 Boulevard Du Temple is a shop with walls and walls of Vintage Levis, the owner is really helpful to help you find sizes and colours.
    In Berlin, Mullackstrasse in Mitte is great for shopping and you can take breaks at amazing cafes along the way. For concept stores/ boutiques in Berlin “Voo store” and
    “The Store” both have good range of hard to find brands and really good coffee!

  • KiloTime vintage in Paris – the cutest French girl blouses and Levi’s for 20 euros!

  • Lou

    In New York: Shopping around Howard Street, Lower Manhattan/ Little Italy is amazing, there are countless boutiques like Totokaelo, The Line and Opening Ceremony as well as designers like Acne and Helmut Lang etc. If you walk down all the small streets there is a lot to explore! xxx