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This guy predicts what you’ll be wearing in 2017

For all our sakes, let's hope he's wrong!

After Vogue declared the death of cleavage late last year (thanks again, 2016), it has become even more difficult for men to predict the direction women’s fashion will take in 2017. Although we certainly didn’t foresee last year’s choker resurgence, thankfully they will be joining wedge sneakers and ‘vintage’ Slayer t-shirts in the *whoops* section of the collective female wardrobe.

It’s safe to say that androgyny is not going anywhere, especially since designers like Vivienne Westwood have shattered the glass runway by walking both men and women in the same show. Similarly, don’t expect to see fewer gals strutting the streets in their best and brightest activewear. Continuing the ‘comfort first’ approach of the past few years, I wouldn’t be surprised to see some long legs cruising down the high street in bath robes.

Where the theme of 2016 seemed to be a mix of irony and nostalgia (hello double denim and Terry Richardson glasses), 2017 looks like it’s heading toward an uncomfortable mixture of hope and uncertainty. For some reason the first look that springs to mind is acid wash denim. Another prediction, and I say this with great hesitation, is that goth/punk thing which haunted most of our teenage years.

For all our sakes, let’s hope I’m wrong.

So, what do YOU think? Let us know in the comments.

Words: @melison1
Image: @lainyblack

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twenty-four Replies

  • pellowmelk

    If I have any say in the matter, which I do not, bathrobes will not be a thing. However, acid wash jeans, when styled correctly, are nothing to be afraid of ?✌


      Kimono style bathrobes could be cool!

  • Matt’s Mum

    Insightful. Humurous. Poignant.
    These are all words I don’t know the meaning of. I do know that I enjoyed this article. The photo was also gorgeous.


      Thank you!

  • Han

    loved this, it’s always great to know a guy’s opinion – more of this please :)!


      There’s more coming, thanks Han!

  • cady66

    i think it’s so important for designers to continue having men and women in their shows


      Yes me too! I love to wear men’s and women’s so I don’t see why the two should be separate!


    comfort sells.

    thanks for this matt !! xxxxxxxxxxxx


      Comfort is key!

  • sarah

    i thought guys liked chokers?


      My guy friends are a split jury on this!

  • Carey

    yeah my boyfriend love me in chokers he bought the nicest one for xmas! XXXXX


      Puma x Fenty have a really cool one I have my eye on!

  • cutie666



      Thank you 🙂

  • ines

    I heard that asian silk dresses will be everywhere! And olive green cargo pants too.


      I love Asian silk dresses, I have my mum’s from when she was young!

  • Madalyn

    This was a great, easy read that definitely kept me engaged and interested. The author mentioned Vogue’s trend prediction, i.e., the “death of cleavage”, which always has a strong influence over designers (which has a strong influence over fast fashion brands, which has a strong influence over consumers and so on). While not all of us may agree that this should be one of 2017’s biggest trends, we cannot deny Vogue’s ability to make or break any style (or any designer, for that matter).

    The author mentioned that chokers, a huge trend in 2016, will no longer be in style in 2017. We are a little over a month into 2017, and I am still seeing chokers everywhere I look: on campus, on social media, downtown, etc. Runway designers and luxury fashion brands may stay away from chokers in 2017, but it seems a lot of young women still enjoy wearing this type of necklace. Because high fashion is typically “ahead” of street fashion, many wearing chokers may still see it as trendy, while big name designers toss them in favor of another style. I personally predict nameplate necklaces to take chokers’ spot in 2017; they have increased in popularity on social media throughout recent weeks.


      I completely agree, Vogue really does have the power to make or break styles. I think anyone who is remotely interested in fashion has grown up with and is still loyal to the publication. Trends will always be timeless, I am sure we will always see a resurgence of the choker trend. You are very right, I think nameplate necklaces and logo necklaces will be very popular this year!

  • Stella Dion

    Really Nice work, Good look with your trip to Europe 😉
    Stella DION


      Thank you Stella 🙂

  • Lucia Roberts

    Oh I wisssh bathrobes were fashionable, it’s so hard to get out of bed and changed when it’s so cold!


      Me too! A kimono style jacket is an alternative to the bathrobe I guess!