Street 365

Meet Rosie Assoulin’s Super Cool Mom Irene Mamiye

Visual Artist and Photographer,  New York

“My daughter is so talented, way more talented than all of us in the family put together. I just came from her presentation and her clothes were gorgeous; there were a few pieces that drove me crazy.”

“Ive always been behind the camera, so that’s always been a place of comfort. I feel really strange in front of it to be honest.”

“I find a lot of my inspiration in nature, in fact I just came back from a place called Lake Powell,  an Indian reservation where there are gorgeous natural canyons. I do abstract art, so I love photographers and artists like Barbara Kasten.”

Instagram: @irenemamiye 
Photographer: @carmengracehamilton


Jeans, Jacket and Top, Rosie Assoulin