3 unique holiday looks

eighteenth December two thousand fifteen

… that you can actually wear more than once.

I’ve always been a last minute kind of girl, but this year I’m making a promise to myself.

Rather than making an impulse purchase the day before (or day of, more likely) a special event during the holidays, I’m locking down a few investment pieces in advance to take me well into the new year. 
It’s better to buy one or two amazing pieces, than five average ones that you’ll be over after the first wear. Black is always a good option because it’s versatile, and tops and skirts can be mixed-back with other pieces in your wardrobe. 
Here’s three looks to inspire you. 


Josh Goot top | skirt | Gianvito Rossi shoes



  1. It's so important to invest in pieces that you know you will make good use out of. Black is the one color that you know you will appreciate now and down the road. There is nothing more flattering than a black top, dress, or bottom. Look #1 is gorgeous and unique, taking black sweater dresses to a whole new level!

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  2. One thing I definitely love about your blog is how not only are all of your outfits stylish, their artistic. The cuts of the clothes and how you bring them together elevates the outfits from being stylish to being art, and from being someone who follows trends to being a trend-setter.



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