fifteenth September two thousand fourteen

First and foremost, sorry I’ve been M.I.A. I arrived home from London to a new home, a new season and a new desire to make Chronicles of Her better than ever. 
Monday mornings can be rough, so from now on, every Monday morning you’ll find a feed of inspiring images right here, to get you up out of bed, put a smile on your dial and (hopefully) inspire you to start wearing the other 80% of your wardrobe. 
This week it’s all about white. White spaces, white denim, white nails, white knits and the beauty of a blank white page because there’s absolutely nothing on your “to do” list. The first picture is from my new home which I’m slowly decorating… but more on that soon. Enjoy! x

Image sourced via Tumblr and Pinterest 


  1. This is a gorgeous post Carmen! I really like the white eyeliner, such a cool idea. I think we're all very happy to see a new post. Thanks for taking the time. X

  2. It's good your're back and I love the inspiration! Even though we're entering fall in Europe and wearing white is more difficult (rain, mudd etc) I love seeing it. Happy Tuesday! xo

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